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Social Science History Association, Annual Conference 2021, November 11-14, Philadelphia / hybrid / online


Social Science History Association pyrkii järjestämään vuosikonferenssinsa taas tänä vuonna viime vuoden peruutuksen jälkeen. Konferenssi tullaan todennäköisesti toteuttamaan hybridimuotoisena, eli etäosallistuminen on mahdollista. Vanhat paperiehdotukset tullaan siirtämään järjestelmään helppoa uudelleenlähetystä varten.

Lisätietoja monialaisesta yhteiskuntahistoriallisesta konferenssista alla. Hakeminen linkin kautta.

Yt. Sakari Saaritsa (SSHA Economics Network Rep)

SSHA Annual Conference

The 2021 conference will be held in Philadelphia on November 11-14, at the DoubleTree by Hilton Philadelphia Center City. This will mark the 47th annual meeting of the Social Science History Association. The conference theme this year is “Crisis, Conjunctures, Turning Points: Theory and Method in Turbulent Times.” Please refer to the SSHA Call for Papers for information on submitting individual papers and/or panel proposals, submission deadlines, and Graduate Student Travel Grants.

When, Where and Who

We meet every fall, usually in November. The location changes according to the following logic: once every three years in Chicago, once every three years somewhere on the ‘East Coast’ and once every three years somewhere else. Since 2010, the Association has extended its reach to include Canadian cities as possible locations. The conference involves over a thousand scholars from around the world, although graduate students and faculty from the leading American universities predominate.

Call for Papers

47th Annual Meeting of the Social Science History AssociationPhiladelphia, PA, November 11-14, 2021

Submission Deadline: March 16, 2021

“Crisis, Conjunctures, Turning Points: Theory and Method in Turbulent Times”

The current moment calls for collective reflection on the methods of historically-oriented social science research. In particular, with a renewed public interest in historical analogies between present-day authoritarianisms and the 1930s, a resurgence of eugenicist reasoning, a re-engagement with the legacies of slavery and colonialism, and the history of pandemics, a reckoning with history is everywhere. While the 2021 Program Committee seeks individual papers and panel proposals on all aspects of social science history, we are especially seeking papers that reflect on the uses of history in explaining the present.To this end papers may address one or more of the following questions:

How does the past influence or determine the present?

What theoretical and methodological choices are implied in thinking of historical moments as ‘crises’, ‘conjunctures’ and ‘turning points’?

What is the role of agency in creating crisis situations?

Under what conditions and when does human agency create radical alternative pathways at crisis moments?

How do different versions of history enter political debate at critical moments, and to what effect?

What sources of data and tools of investigation might improve the ways in which we seek historically-based explanations of the present?

SSHA 2021 will be held at the DoubleTree by Hilton Philadelphia Center City

How do I apply for a Richard Sutch Graduate Student Travel Grant to help pay the cost?

Starting in January 2021, a link to apply for one of SSHA’s competitive student travel grantswill be available at

Program Committee Co-Chairs

Steven Sprick Schuster (Department of Economics, Middle Tennessee State University)Timothy Thurber(Department of History, Virginia Commonwealth University)Sadia Saeed (Department of Sociology, University of San Francisco)Ho-Fung Hung (Department of Sociology, Johns Hopkins University)