Konferenssit ja seminaarit

Affective Politics of Social Media

Thursday, October 12

9:30 Opening words, Susanna Paasonen (Janus Auditorium)
9:45-11:15 Keynote plenary 1, Nancy Baym & Crystal Abidin
(Janus Auditorium, Chair: Mari Pajala)
11:30-13:00 Parallel sessions 1

HOOKING UP (Janus Auditorium, Chair: Katariina Kyrölä)
1. Ben Aslinger, PrEP and the Sensuality of Touch, Connection, and Care
2. Jamie Hakim, Chemsex: hook up apps, affect and queer collectivity in neoliberal times
3. Peter Rehberg, Sex after Affect: Connecting through Gay Men’s Online Chat and Dating Apps

IRONY AND NORMATIVITY (V105, Hovi, Chair: Valo Vähäpassi)
1. Mari Lehto, Bad Is The New Good: Bad motherhood and affect in Finnish mommy blogs
2. Karen Cross, Let’s talk about #flex baby: sex, motherhood and ‘parenting the shit out of life’
3. Jenni Hokka, Ironic YouTube Culture and Platformed Racism: Case PewDiePie

ALGORITHMS & ACTIVISM (E323, Chair: Veli-Matti Karhulahti)
1. Sonja Pöllänen & Jonne Arjoranta, The simulation of media in Halat hisar live action role-playing game
2. Diane Cormany, #activism: How streaming video and social media affect action
3. Johns, Amelia & Cheong, Niki, From a ‘tsunami’ of hope to the inertia of hopelessness: Mapping networked affect in Malaysia’s Bersih 2.0 movement

14:30-16.00 Parallel sessions 2

INTIMACY & INTENSITY (E225, seminar room of Finnish Literature, Chair: Susanna Paasonen)
1. Katherine Harrison, Automated Intimacy on Infidelity Websites: The Case of Ashley Madison’s Chatbots or “On the internet, no one knows you’re a toaster”
2. Antonia Hernandez, Accelerated Intimacy: Labouring Affect on Chaturbate Through Bots and Apps
3. Brady Robards, (Paul Byron, Benjamin Hanckel), Affective Queer Intensities on Tumblr

POLITICS/RACISM (E325, Chair: Mari Pajala)
1. Tim Highfield, #BlackLivesMatter to #dogsatpollingstations (but not     #CrookedHillary): Platform privilege and the affective politics of hashflags
2. Florian Vörös, The affective power of French racist and antiracist counterpublics on Twitter
3. Jonas Fritsch, Jette Kofoed & Camilla Møhring Reestorf, Strategic Cyberbullying, Interfacial Refrains and Affective Politics in Donald Trump’s Insults on Twitter

CAT PANEL (Janus Auditorium, Chair: Kaisu Hynnä)
Teh Intarwebs: Maed of Cats, Akshully, or The Internet Cat as Paradigm, Constitutive Imaginary, and Material Assemblage of the Contemporary WWW
1. Adrienne Massanari, Internet Cats: A History
2. Andrew Herman, Cats that Look Like Kittler: Internet Cats as Myth and Medium
3. Dylan Wittkover, Teh Intarwebs: Maed of Cats, Akshully

16:30-18:00 Keynote plenary 2, Kath Albury & Ben Light(Janus Auditorium, Chair: Susanna Paasonen)
18:30 Dinner

Friday, October 13

9:45–11:15 Parallel sessions 3

TROLLING (Janus Auditorium, Chair: Mari Pajala)
2. Valo Vähäpassi &Usva Friman &Veli_Matti Karhulahti, “A/Effectively Trolling the Media: A Case of Fake Esports News.”
3. Johannes Koski & Jonne Arjoranta, #ALONETOGETHER, Pepe the Frog and the political trolling of art

EMBODIMENT/ACTIVISM (E325, Chair Susanna Paasonen)
1. Carrie Rentschler, Training the Habits: How Social Media Apps Model Responding, Reporting, and Politicizing Violence in the Streets
2. Kaisu Hynnä & Katariina Kyrölä, Fat Activist Affects and Body Positive Blogging
3. Benjamin Hanckel, From Activist Filmmaker to ‘Agony Aunt’: Examining Queer Filmmakers’ Participation in the Affective Afterlives of their YouTube Films

EVERYDAY WORK & PLAY (E323, Chair: Tanja Sihvonen)
1. Nicholas-Brie Guarriello, Feeling Far and Wide: Pokémon GO, Fanart, & Convergence of Affective/Monetary Labor on Social Media
2. Sophie Bishop, #YouTuberAnxiety: Anxiety as Emotional Labour and Masquerade in Beauty Vlogs
3. Victoria Jaynes, Snakes, Streaks and Screenshots – Embodied experiences of the digital

11:30-13:00 Parallel sessions 4

AFFECT & RHYTHM (Janus Auditorium, Chair: Susanna Paasonen)
1. Michael Petit, The Politics of Distraction
2. Elena Pilipets, The Netflix E Affect: Contents, Contexts, Mediations
3. Magda tyżlik-carver, Curating affect in big data cultures

GENDER POLITICS (E325, Chair: Katariina Kyrölä)
1. Kate M. Miltner, “Because equality is only true when it is thorough”: The Representational Politics of the “Professions” Emoji
2. Tuija Saresma & Maria Ruotsalainen, Politics of Resentment in the Manosphere: Populist discussions on gender, sexuality, class, and race
3. Miia Siutila & Ellinoora Havaste, Affective eSports: Exploring the Online Responses to YouPorn’s All-Female Teams

EXPERTISE (E323, Chair: Mari Lehto)
1. Outi Hakola, A Sneak Peek to Dignified Dying at Hospice Care
2. Anna Rantasila, Dissent, Disagreement, and the Others We Love to Hate – Discussing Expert Interviews about Fukushima Daiichi Disaster in Finnish Social Media in 2011
3. Oliver Marsh, Le Geek, C’est Clique? Emotional and Definitional Meanings of ‘Science’ Online

14:30-16:00 Parallel sessions 5

FEELING SOCIAL MEDIA (E323, Chair: Kaisu Hynnä)
1. Zeena Feldman, On quitting social media
2. Tanja Sihvonen, Towards affective simulation of the use of social media? Case: Binky
3. Emily van der Nagel, Understanding Reddit’s TributeMe through networked affect

ANTI/FEMINISM (Janus Auditorium, Chair: Mari Lehto)
1. Anne Graefer, Inger-Lise Kalviknes Bore, Allaina Kilby, This pussy grabs back: Humour, digital affects and women’s protest
2. Caitlin McGrane, ‘Being a feminist online is exhausting’: Fear as affect in anti-feminist harassment of women in online spaces
3. Eliisa Vainikka, ”I have no sympathy for any woman on this planet”: Misogyny and relationships in a Finnish online forum

FANDOM/ENGAGEMENT (E325, Chair: Valo Vähäpassi)
1. Elena Maris, “Duking it Out:” _Fandom Metrics and the Affective Implications of Ranking Online Communities
2. John Carter McKnight, Critternomics: A Mangle of Finance and Affect in a Streaming Media Fandom
3. Holly Kruse, Of Girls and Hobbyhorses

16:30-18:00 Keynote plenary 3, Jenny Sundén & Theresa Senft(Janus Auditorium, Chair: Katariina Kyrölä)
18:00 Closing words
(Janus Auditorium)
18:30 Dinner