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Digital History in Finland III Symposium

Welcome to the 3rd Digital History in Finland symposium at the University of Turku on Friday 30 November 2018. This is a continuation to two previous gatherings organized in Helsinki in 2015 and 2016. After a two-year break, Digital History in Finland III aims at bringing together historians who today work on different problems in digital history. The idea is to build an up-to-date view on what is happening in the field in Finland and to meet other scholars interested in similar questions. To offer a broad overview of present research, the symposium consists of the following short presentations:



SEMINAR START AT 10.00. Arje Scheinin hall, Dentalia (see https://blogit.utu.fi/digihistfi/venue/)

10.00–10.05 Welcome, Hannu Salmi

10.05–10.15 Settlement of Karelian evacuees during and after World War II in their new environment

Mirkka Danielsbacka, Lauri Aho, Robert Lynch, Jenni Pettay, Virpi Lummaa and John Loehr

10.15–10.25 National Audiovisual Heritage in the Yle Archive – Recognizing People, Events and Places by Named-Entity Recognition

Maiju Kannisto

10.25–10.35 BiographySampo – tools for biographical and prosopographical research

Kirsi Keravuori

10.35–10.45 The Digital Database of Local Letters to Newspapers

Heikki Kokko

10.45–10.55 Bibliographic Data Science and the History of the Book

Leo Lahti (presenter), Jani Marjanen, Hege Roivainen & Mikko Tolonen and the Helsinki Computational History Group

10.55–11.05 Finding Nineteenth-century Berry Spots: Recognizing and linking place names in a historical newspaper berry-picking corpus

Matti La Mela, Minna Tamper, Kimmo Kettunen

11.05–11.15 Materiality of Nineteenth-Century Finnish Newspapers

Eetu Mäkelä (presenter), Jani Marjanen, Antti Kanner, Mikko Tolonen and the Helsinki Computational History Group

11.15–11.25 Digital access to the Sámi heritage archives

Maija Mäkikalli

11.25–11.35 Introducing ‘Elias Lönnrot Letters Online’

Maria Niku

11.35–11.45 When the computer was new to Finnish historians: early international contacts and collaboration in computer-assisted history

Petri Paju

11.45–12.00 Discussion

12.00 Lunch (at own cost)



Live stream from the seminar 13-15:


13.00–13.10 Texts on the Move

Viola Parente-Čapková, Kati Launis, Jasmine Westerlund

13.10–13.20 The Long-Term Reuse of Text in the Finnish Press, 1771–1920

Heli Rantala, Hannu Salmi, Aleksi Vesanto and Filip Ginter

13.20–13.30 A Comparative Study of the Language of “National” in Dutch, British, Swedish and Finnish Newspapers

Ruben Ros (presenter), Simon Hengchen, Jani Marjanen, Mikko Tolonen and the Helsinki Computational History Group

13.30–13.40 Oceanic Exchanges: Tracing Global Information Networks in Historical Newspaper Repositories, 1840–1914 (OcEx)

Hannu Salmi, Otto Latva, Asko Nivala, Mila Oiva

13.40–13.50 The change of instrument talk in Philosophical Transactions, 1753-1777

Reetta Sippola

13.50–14.00 Discussion

14.00 Coffee break (sponsored by the symposium)

14.10–14.20 The Birth of the Proletarian God of History: Close and Distant Readings of the Finnish Handwritten Newspapers, 1899-1917

Risto Turunen

14.20–14.30 Evolution of British Book Trade through Bibliographic Metadata

Ville Vaara (presenter), Mark Hill, Leo Lahti, Mikko Tolonen and Helsinki Computational History Group

14.30–14.40 The Ancient Finnish Kings: a computational study of pseudohistory, medievalism and history politics in contemporary Finland and Russia

Reima Välimäki

14.40–15.00 Conclusion of the Symposium


Live stream from the seminar 13-15:



The XXVI Veikko Litzen lecture

Macroscopes and Microscopes: Computer assisted close reading of historical texts

Professor Tim Hitchcock, University of Sussex

Live stream from Tim Hitchcocks lecture:


Program details, including abstracts, and information on venue can be found here:



The symposium is organised by the Digital History Work Group of the Finnish Historical Society in cooperation with the Turku Group for Digital History and the project From Roadmap to Roadshow: A collective demonstration & information project to strengthen Finnish digital history (funded by the Kone Foundation).

All those interested, Welcome!