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Reminder: HEX Conference 2024 – Memory, Temporality and Experience

The 6th annual HEX (Research Council of Finland’s Centre of Excellence in the History of Experiences) Conference – Memory, Temporality and Experience” will take place at Tampere University, Finland, on 11-13 March 2024

The new history of experience seeks to comprehend the complex, multidimensional relationships between history and experience. As a burgeoning field of study, it is self-reflective and dynamic, with scholars constantly refining their approaches, and indeed reassessing the notion of experience itself. To develop the history of experience into a robust historical approach, scholars continually ask probing questions regarding sources, concepts, methods, and methodologies. In this vein, the organisers of the sixth annual HEX conference have chosen to interrogate the concepts of memory and temporality as modes of experience. This thematic focus aims to encourage scholars to reflect on experience beyond its external traces, and to mine the more elusive spheres of the internal, the cognitive, and the unconscious.

Registration is open until 4 March. Please find programme, registration form and further information on the conference webpage: https://events.tuni.fi/historyofexperience/