Konferenssit ja seminaarit

Hunger Crises in The European Periphery: Ireland and Finland in Comparisons

This seminar will feature Professor Cormac O Grada (University College, Dublin) as the main speaker. He is the leading historian of famines in the world.

The seminar will also feature other prominent famine scholars:

Dr. Andrew Newby (University of Tampere),

Dr. Miikka Voutilainen (University of Jyväskylä), and

Mr. Henrik Forsberg (University of Helsinki).

This event will be moderated by Dr. Antti Häkkinen (University of Helsinki).

The main motivating question concerns the issue of relatively late occurrence of famines in these two countries that are located at the European peripheries.

What were the causes of these famines?
What about their impacts and aftermath, and
What about the collective memory of these crises?

The language of the seminar and discussion will be English.

This is a seminar/roundtable organized jointly by the Finnish Historical Society (SHS) and Finnish Economic History Society and it is open to everyone.

Free entrance, welcome!