Life Writing from Birth to Death : How M/others Know

FM Astrid Joutseno väittelee 22.9.2021 kello 12 Helsingin yliopiston humanistisessa tiedekunnassa aiheesta ”Life Writing from Birth to Death – How M/others Know”. Väitöstilaisuus järjestetään osoitteessa Metsätalo, sali 1.

Vastaväittäjänä on professori Hanna Meretoja, Turun yliopisto, ja kustoksena on professori Kirsi Saarikangas.


This dissertation approaches maternal life writing online as an epistemological node of maternal knowledge. I explicate maternal practices in mommy blogs and sites as digital-material positions and performances defined by technology, the ideals of intensive parenting, heteronormativity, whiteness, and the expectation of an able-body. The research material comes from eight blogs and two memoirs in English from the USA, Canada, UK, and Australia. In addition to analyzing examples, I perform conceptual work, presenting novel terminology and approaches to the entanglements of mothering and digitality in the first decades of the 21st Century. I partake in the on-going cultural redefinition of mothering in the fields of feminist motherhood studies, life writing studies, social media studies, narrative medicine, and death studies. My transdisciplinary approach views mothering as a point where multiple epistemic strands intersect: embodiment, materiality, the beginning and end of life, engagement with (not) living, care and the transference of culture to future generations, as well as the imagined and real effects of digitalization on the borders of subjectivity, gender, experience and narrative styles.

Väitöskirja on myös elektroninen julkaisu ja luettavissa Heldassa.