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National Conference of Art History in Finland

Tahiti 7: National Conference of Art History in Finland Mobilities: Artists, Art Works and a Concept in Change

Location: Åbo Akademi University, Finland (Arken, Auditorium Armfelt)
Date: 20 October 2017


Coffee and registration (10.30-10.50)

Welcome (10.50-11.00) Marie-Sofie Lundström

Keynote (11.00-12.00) Chair: Marie-Sofie Lundström

Professor Nina Lübbren: Place-Myths and Mobilities: From Barbizon to Bollywood.

Session 1 (12.00-13.30, 3 presentations) Chair: Kari Kotkavaara

1. Altti Kuusamo: The utopian-sublime scena per angelo – detached from Roman models: Hubert Robert’s entries to “douce mélancolie” – via Denis Diderot.
2. Hilja Roivainen: Recurrent topoi of landscape painting.
3. Linda Leskinen: Telling mobility, selling mobility. Motorways in the Finnish professional imagery of the 1950s and 1960s.

Lunch (13.30-14.30)

Session 2 (14.30-16.30, 4 presentations) Chair: Lars Berggren

4. Leena Valkeapää: The image of art history traced on the map. Art-historical expeditions in Finland 1871–1902.
5. Anna-Maria Wiljanen: Rewriting the History of the European Artists’ Colonies by focusing on the multifaceted social networks, place-myth and the artists’ mobility.
6. Marie-Sofie Lundström: “Maybe one day I shall ride such a thing” – Juho Rissanen in Biskra 1931.
7. Leena Svinhufvud: Loja Saarinen – the Finnish pioneer of American textile art.

Coffee and refreshments (16.30-17.00)

Session 3 (17.00-18.30, 3 presentations) Chair: Fred Andersson

8. Maija Koskinen: Kunsthalle Helsinki and the travelling cold war exhibitions from the US and the Soviet Union from 1944 to 1960s.
9. Rita Vargas: International artists-in-residence 1990–2010: Mobility, technology and identity in everyday art practices.
10. Yang Jing: Symbolic Mobility in Chinese Contemporary Art. Displacement and fluid representation of identity.

Closing remarks (18.30->)

Chair: Marie-Sofie Lundström/Kari Kotkavaara/ Lars Berggren/Fred Andersson