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Workshop of Death In Theory

Welcome to Death in Theory Workshop!

Death brings to light the methods of disposing or preserving the corpse. These methods are part of a system which provides meaning for death itself. Although death is a biological process, it is at the same time a phenomenon of cultural, social, religious and philosophical significance. Death in Theory Workshop addresses questions like, what kind of conceptual framework, terminology and methodology are needed in studying death? Moreover, how do they affect the analysis of historical or prehistorical death? While the workshop presents the multidisciplinary nature of current death studies, it also enables essential dialogue and cooperation between these various fields.



10:00 Welcoming words

10:20—12:00 First session (Visa Helenius, Agita Misane, Terhi Rintamäki, Mia Korpiola)

11:30—12:00 General discussion

12:00—13:00 Lunch break

13:00—15:00 Second session (Kaarina Koski, Sanna Lipkin, Ilona Pajari, Ulnor Uotila, Auli Bläuer, Ulla Moilanen)

15:00—16:00 Coffee, workshop and closing remarks


Contributors and topics:

Auli Bläuer (Zooarchaeology, Natural Resources Institute Finland): “Identification and deposition of burnt human bone remains in Finnish prehistory”

Visa Helenius (Philosophy, University of Turku): “Lucretius and Death Anxiety: A Contemporary Perspective”

Mia Korpiola (Laws, University of Turku): “Death and Law – Legal Historical Perspectives”

Kaarina Koski (Folkloristics, University of Helsinki): “Mind and matter in ritual practice”

Sanna Lipkin (Archaeology, University of Oulu): “Reproducing death and humanity”

Agita Misane (Sociology of Religion, Riga Stradins University): “Death, Afterlife and Lifeworld – the Classical Social Constructionist Approach”

Ulla Moilanen (Archaeology, University of Turku): “Deviant burials – what are they?”

Ilona Pajari (Social history, University of Jyväskylä): “Death studies in history – applied and original approaches”

Terhi Rintamäki (Sociology, University of Lapland): “I disappear”

Ulnor Uotila (Archaeology, University of Turku): “Ancestor Belief – Traveling Concept between Finnish National Sciences”


The language of the workshop is English.


Organizers and contact persons:

Ulnor Uotila () and Ulla Moilanen ()