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XXIII International Congress of Historical Sciences

XXIII International Congress of Historical Sciences

Poznań, 21-27.08.2022

In the face of the pandemic spread of Covid-19, after evaluating all the sanitary, organizational and economic implications, as well as the forecasts on the progress of the disease, the ICHS Board together with the Organizing Committee in Poznan came to the belief that it is not reasonable to hold the Congress on the scheduled date. Consequently, we announce the postponement of the Congress to 22-28 August 2021.

We sincerely regret any inconvenience and hope to meet with all of you in Poznan next year.

Best wishes, Andrea Giardina

Catherine Horel and the ICHS Board

Krzysztof Makowski and the Organizing Committee

The 23rd Congress

In connection with the decision to postpone the Congress to August 22-28, 2021, the Early Bird registration was extended to March 31, 2021.

Since 1900, historians from around the world have been organizing their congresses to discuss the most pressing topics, present the results of their research and build international cooperation network. In 1926 they established the International Committee of Historical Sciences (ICHS), as a non-governmental organization composed of national committees representing the member countries and specialist commissions devoted to specific research issues. The main purpose of the Committee is to promote the historical sciences through international co-operation. The Committee was entrusted with organizing subsequent congresses every five years, in collaboration with historians of the host countries. In the past, the congress took place in Poland only once, in 1933 in Warsaw.