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Yhdysvaltalaisia Suomi-aiheisia filminpätkiä vuosilta 1890-1990


CriticalPast.com tarjoaa katsottavaksi yli 57 000 elävän kuvan katkelmaa vuosilta 1890 - 1990. Filmit ovat peräisin enimmäkseen Yhdysvaltojen viranomaisarkistoista. Suurin osa valikoimasta keskittyy Yhdysvaltoihin ja ajoittuu 1940-luvulle toista maailmansotaa käsitteleviin aiheisiin. Suomea sivuavia filmiä löytyy muun muassa näistä:

* Lenin's activities early in 1917. Mass demonstrations.Shooting at crowd. Lenin clean shaven in Finland (1917)
* Failure of Prohibition Law result in more consumption of liquor in Helsinfors Finland. (1932)
* Finnish Army troops play soccer in Finland (1932)
* Finnish troops on a practice march on a mud road during a training in Finland (1932)
* Finnish Army troops play in a baseball match in Finland. (1932)
* A Finnish Army soldier practices throwing hand grenades at an encircled target in Finland. (1932)
* A Finnish Army rows on a log through a turbulent river in Finland. (1932)
* Finnish Army troops dive in pool of water and swim in Finland. (1932)
* Finnish Army troops return to barracks and take hot water bath in Finland. (1932)
* A Finnish Army troop runs in a two hundred meter obstacle race holding a light field equipment in Finland. (1932)
* Finnish Army troops jump out of trucks and are transported by row boats in Finland. (1932)
* Finnish Army troops participate in shot put throw, discus throw, javelin throw, long jump and high jump in Finland. (1932)
* Eight feet two inches tall man goes for sight seeing and in a river boat with children in Vienna, Austria. "A twenty six year old, eight feet two inches tall Finnish giant, Väinö Myllyrinne, at a restaurant in Vienna, Austria. He drinks. He shakes hand with a policeman. People on the street look at him. He goes on a sight seeing tour along the Central European capital. A close up of the tall man. He is on a river boat along with children. He waves." (1935)
* Red Army troops and tanks advance through the snow covered lands in Helsinki,Finland during Soviet Finnish War. (1939)
* Helsinki being bombed by the Soviet planes during World War II. (1939)
* Corpses of men and soldiers march forward in sub-zero weather in Finland during the Winter War between Finland and Red Army. (1940)
* Activities of Finns and wounded people during a war in Finland.(1940)
* Finnish Army Chief Carl Gustaf Emil Mannerheim's daughter thanks the whole world for their help to Finland in Paris, France. (1940)
* Finnish minister Hjalmar Procope takes out newspaper clippings from envelops at the Finnish Legation in Washington DC. (1940)
* Finnish minister Hjalmar Procope dictates to his secretary at the Finnish Legation in Washington DC (1940)
* Finnish minister looks at a map on desk at the Finnish Legation in Washington DC.(1940)
* Eight members of Senate Foreign Affairs Committee discuss American aid to Finland, in Washington D.C. (1940)
* German troops advance into Finland from Norway and fire guns during Russo-Finnish war in Finland. (1941)
* Finnish women perform military duties and Finnish Troops invade an island in Lake Onega. (1941)
* Civilian refugees and their belongings in Kemijarvi, Finland during World War II (1941)
* Damaged buildings and houses set on fire during Russo-Finnish war in Finland. (1941)
* Russian vessels are shelled by the Germans in the Baltic Sea during the Russian Campaign of World War II. (1941)
* German ski troops advance towards the front in Finland during World War II.(1942)
* Ski troops and horses advance through snow in Finland.(1943)
* German ski troops advance on a snow covered field as they pull sleds along the Karelo-Finnih Front in the Soviet Union. (1944)
* German and Finnish forces retreat in Finland and Finnish citizens flee as Soviet forces advance (1944)
* German soldiers prepare for battle with Russia on the Finnish Front and a Hitler Youth courier delivers a message. (1944)
* Activities in a paper producing plant at Segezha in Karelo-Finnish Soviet Socialist Republic. (1947)
* New world records are created in marathon, women's relay and men's 1500 m events during the Olympics in Helsinki, Finland. (1952)
* Winter Olympics in Oslo, Norway and Summer Olympics in Helsinki, Finland. (1952)
* A crowd cheers participants during a middle distance running event in Helsinki Stadium (1952)
* Hungary's Iharos Sandor sets a new record in 1500 meter at International Athletic Meet in Helsinki in Finland (1954)
* Pentti Uotinen wins All European Ski Meet in Munich,Germany (1957)
* Juhani Karkinen of Finland wins the World High Ski Jump Championship in Lahti, Finland.(1958)
* A Finnish runner Eino Oksanen wins the Boston Marathon in Boston. (1959)
* Eino Oksanen wins the Boston Marathon, 1961 (1962)

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