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Alexander from Alexander von Nordmann (1803-1866) letters

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The historical heart of the Palaeontological Collection of the Finnish Museum of Natural History is a suite of fossils collected by the Finnish Naturalist Alexander von Nordmann (1803-1866) in the mid-late 1840s in Odessa. I have copies of a number of letters (c. 40) written by Nordmann to his friend and colleague Karl Ernst von Baer (1792–1876) in German language and spanning the 1830-1860s.

Some of the most interesting autographs (spanning the years 1847 - 1849, the years of the great Cholera and the move of von Nordmann from Odessa to Helsinki) are now transcribed. I would be happy to bring the letters into Finnish language and present them in our exhibition or elsewhere. Also I would be happy to cooperate with someone who potentially is interested in finding out more about the details of the scientific networks of that time and the scientific practices.

Is there anyone on this list, who could translate the transcriptions (from 18th century German) into Finnish and/or who would have an interest in a little project about the letters?

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