Conflict, Change and Cooperation – International PhD Student Conference, 26-27th March 2020, Szeged

The Doctoral School of History, University of Szeged, in cooperation with the Hungarian
Historical Society, is pleased to announce its upcoming international PhD Student conference
which seeks to investigate the historical transformations in the course of the first two decades
of the 20th century.

The conference aims to bring together young scholars from across humanities to discuss the
significant developments of nation and state building processes and their political, social and
cultural implications in the aftermath of the collapse of the three great Eastern – Habsburg,
Romanov and Ottoman – empires. The geographical focus of the conference is primarily
Central- and Eastern Europe and the Balkans, but we also invite researchers of the MENA
region as well.

Papers on a wide range of subjects in history, art history, literary studies and in all related areas
are welcome. Possible topics may include (but not limited to) the following:
– history of nation and state building projects in the late 19th and early 20th centuries
– cultural movements and groups
– the culture of transition: either defeat or victory, symbolic politics
– minority issues
– state and non-state violence “in the service of the nation”
– international control, precursors of the League of Nations
– the development of the idea of self-determination
– demographic patterns and migration
– transitional regimes
– literary and art representations of the nation
– historiographical trends and interpretations

The language of the conference is English, but French and German papers are welcome as well.
Sessions and plenary lectures will be scheduled according to the number of participants. The
time limit for each presentation is 20 minutes. Discussion will be held after each section.
Abstracts of maximum 300 words should be sent to by
12th January 2020. Acceptance notification will be sent by February 2020.

Participation at the conference is free. We provide refreshments and meals during the
conference for participants. Please note that providing accommodation and cover travel
expenses is beyond our budget. However, we happily make reservations, in limited numbers,
in our university dormitories on behalf of potential participants.

All papers will be considered for publication in the peer-reviewed journal of Études sur la
region Méditerranéenne – Mediterrán Tanulmányok, the annual journal of the Department of
Modern History and Mediterranean Studies of University of Szeged.