European Cooperation on Nationalism and Diversity in Digital Age

NISE (National movements & Intermediary Structures in Europe) plans to apply for a COST networking grant for the project ‘DIVERSEUROPE: understanding nationalism and diversity in a digital age’ and cordially invites researchers and institutions to join this endeavor as secondary proposer.

For further details please contact (Scientific coordinator NISE) Nel de Mûelenaere () by 1 August. In summary:

  • The procedure is relatively straightforward, with a one stage submission and an application of 15 pages.
  • The deadline is 7 September 2017. Results will be communicated in April 2018.
  • We would get financial support for network activities e.g. conferences, workshops, scientific missions and training schools in the range of EUR 129.000 per year, normally for four years.
  • A minimum number of seven countries need to be included in the network.
  • We won’t need a commitment from you in terms of the organisation of specific events, only an agreement to participate. Both institutes and individual researchers can partake in a COST-action, and need to register or update their profile on https://e-services.cost.eu/. Proposers should be aware that filling an e-COST profile may require some time.

The network (and our approval chances) would especially benefit from the participation of early career researchers and female experts from different countries and disciplines.

In case you would like to participate, please contact Nel de Mûelenaere () by 1 August. If you agree to participate, he will send you the full draft application by 21 August. He is also ready to answer any further questions regarding this project.