Gaetano Cozzi award for essays on the history of games

The Fondazione Benetton Studi Ricerche organizes a competition with two annual awards for unpublished and original essays and studies on the history of games, leisure activities, festive events, sports and general pastimes. The competition is reserved for young scholars born in or after 1982.

The awards continue in the tradition of the Foundation, which over thirty years has assigned 70 scholarships to graduates over a broad range of academic levels.


Essays must be unencumbered by any constraints and may deal with aspects of the above-mentioned topics and their manifestations during any period, from antiquity through to the outbreak of World War II. Submissions may be written in Italian, English, French, Spanish or German.


Essays should not exceed 40,000 characters (spaces included) / 6,400 words, inclusive of bibliography, notes and other appendices. Texts may be accompanied by no more than 10 good quality images with legends and suitable references.

Submissions must be sent in electronic format (Word and pdf) to Fondazione Benetton Studi Ricerche at: , no later than 31st December 2017.

Essays should be prefaced by a short summary of no more than 3,000 characters. A (European template) curriculum vitae briefly outlining  author’s academic career thus far should also be included.

The two prizes, each for an amount of 3,000 (three thousand) Euros, inclusive of any applicable deductions, shall be handed over at the public meeting organized by the Fondazione Benetton Studi Ricerche in Treviso during the subsequent year.

The winners shall be invited to participate in the meeting as guests of the Foundation.

The Selection board – made up of directors of the journal «Ludica. Annali di storia e civiltà del gioco» and appointed by the Foundation’s Board of Directors – shall, at its sole discretion, adjudicate the winners, who shall be announced no later than 15th June 2018. The Selection board reserves the right to assign Honorable Mentions to other essays deemed of note.

The winning essays shall be published in the original language, with indication of the award obtained, in the Fondazione Benetton Studi Ricerche’s journal «Ludica. Annali di storia e civiltà del gioco». The journal may also publish other essays, which although not awarded a money prize, are nonetheless considered of particular note.