Nordic Medievalism and Gender

CFP: Nordic Medievalism and Gender

Similarly to elsewhere in the western world, the Middle Ages are still present in contemporary Nordic culture. Yet, while extremist medievalism likes the thoughts and actions of the Sons of Odin, and Anders Behring Breivik has received scholarly attention, other more mainstream examples of contemporary medievalism in the Nordic region have for the most part been ignored. Studies by Aali, Alvestad, Aavitsland, and others have demonstrated how some medievalism in the Nordic region is linked to nationalistic sentiments within the regions constituent parts, whilst also pointing to trends of an overarching emphasis on the masculine and male within subject matter used in the creation of such medievalisms. As such, this volume seeks to examine how medievalism in the Nordic region, or inspired by the region, interacts with, constructs, and/or undermines gender and the prevailing myth of Nordic gender equality.

These are a few of the many potential questions that can be examined in this volume:

How does medievalism contribute to the contraction of contemporary understandings of gender in the Nordic region?
How did feminism influence mainstream medievalism throughout the Nordic region?
Are there distinctly gendered experiences of the modern medieval within the Nordic region?
How does an individual use the medieval past to construct their gender identities or navigate a masculine/feminine cultural binary within this region?
How does the queer react and interact with Nordic medievalism?
Submission information:
Please send short proposals (250 words) and a short biography to Heta Aali () and Karl C. Alvestad () by 30 April 2021.

Submission of an 8-9000 word long chapter is expected around 30 September 2021.

The volume will be published by Trivent Publishing in
the series ”Medievalism”, ed. Karl C. Alvestad