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4th Historical Network Research Conference

This 4th Historical Network Research Conference seeks to further strengthen and foster the awareness of historians for the possibilities of network research and create possibilities for cross- and multidisciplinary approaches to the networked past by bringing together historians, social scientists and computer scientists. Further, the conference will be an opportunity to benefit from works hops designed to introduce analytical tools, research methodology and visualisation techniques.


17-18 October 2017 (pre-conference workshops)

19-20 October 2017 (conference)

Conference programme (last update: 21.8.2017)

Conference venue: University of Turku, Publicum (Assistentinkatu 7)


Tuesday, 17 Ocotber 2017

10-13 Pre-conference workshop I

14-17 Pre-conference workshop II


Wednesday, 18 Ocotber 2017

10-13 Pre-conference workshop III

14-17 Pre-conference workshop IV


Thursday, 19 Ocotber 2017


9-10 Registration & coffee (Publicum, aula, ground floor)

10-10:30 Opening session (Publicum, lecture hall Pub2 (ground floor))

10:30-12:30 Parallel sessions I & II

Parallel session I:

Parallel session II:

Jan Fousek, Vojtěch Kaše, Eva Výtvarová and Adam Mertel: ’Relating the Spread of Early Christianity to the Transportation Network of Ancient Mediterranean’

Toby Burrows: ’Cultural Objects and their Ownership Networks: visualizing the history and provenance of manuscripts formerly in the Phillipps collection’

Minna Hovi: ’The emperor’s organist Johann Jacob Froberger and his visible and invisible networks ’

Diana Roig Sanz and Ventsislav Ikoff:’Cultural Mediation and Historical Networks. Using Digital Approaches to study Hispanic Modernity (1908-1939)’


Baptiste Colin: ’The Priest and all the others: Housing policy on trial. The legal proceedings of one squatting case in Paris, 1955.’

Chair: Jarkko Keskinen
Seminar room: Pub2 (ground floor)

Chair: Ivo Veiga
Seminar room: Pub4 (2nd floor)


12:30-14 Lunch break

14-15:30 Key note lecture (Lecture hall: Pub2)

Digital archives and digital scholarship – Examples from the National Archives 

M.A. Maria Kallio, Senior Research Officer for Digital Humanties at the National Archives of Finland

15:30-18 Poster session & networking village (Publicum, aula, ground floor)

19:00 Conference dinner (Hus Lindman, Piispankatu 15, Turku)

Friday, 20 Ocotber 2017

9-10 Coffee (Publicum, aula, ground floor)

10-12 Parallel sessions III & IV

Parallel session III:

Parallel session IV:


Henry Kim: ’Jonathan Blanchard, Wheaton College, and Social Network Analysis’

Katri Kauhanen: ’Networks among elite women in authoritarian South Korea’


Slawomir Grabias: ’Polish Onlookers to the Holocaust. Application of Social Network Analysis in holocaust studies (a case study)’

Matthew Parker: ’Social Network Responses to Military Defeat in Late Thirteenth Century Pisa’


Lauri Luoto: ’Thought Collectives of the Early 20th Century Progressivists’

Aleš Chalupa, Eva Výtvarová, Jan Fousek and Adam Mertel: ’Connection Between Mithraism and Roman Army Garrisons’


Chair: Martin Stark
Seminar room: Pub2 (ground floor)

Chair: Joonas Kinnunen
Seminar room: Pub4 (2nd floor)


12-13 Lunch break

13-15 Parallel sessions V & VI

Parallel session V:

Parallel session VI:

Joana Malta: ’Networks of Concepts and Authors from 20th Century Portuguese Magazines of Ideas and Culture’

Laurens Schlicht: ’Historical Networks and the Diffusion of Epistemic Techniques. Technologies of Truth in Germany, 1900-1945’

Ivo Veiga and Rute Figueiredo: ’Architectural field and specialised press. Network of agents in the 20th century Portuguese architectural magazines’

Tobias Winnerling: ’Tracking Intermittent References: A Framework for Visualizing Forgetting in Network Research’

Dmitry Zinoviev and Gary Fireman: ’Semantic Network Analysis of the Print Media’s Historical Portrayal of Mental Illness’


Chair: Kimmo Elo
Seminar room: Pub2 (ground floor)

Chair: Katri Kauhanen
Seminar room: Pub4 (2nd floor)


15-16 Closing session (lecture hall: Pub2)