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Digital History in Finland III Symposium tänään 30.11. – seurattavissa osittain myös suoratoistona

Osa Digital History in Finland III Symposiumista on seurattavissa myös suoratoistona kahdessa eri osoitteessa:



Live stream from the seminar 13-15 (part 1):



13.00–13.10 Texts on the Move

Viola Parente-Čapková, Kati Launis, Jasmine Westerlund


13.10–13.20 The Long-Term Reuse of Text in the Finnish Press, 1771–1920

Heli Rantala, Hannu Salmi, Aleksi Vesanto and Filip Ginter


13.20–13.30 A Comparative Study of the Language of “National” in Dutch, British, Swedish and Finnish Newspapers


Ruben Ros (presenter), Simon Hengchen, Jani Marjanen, Mikko Tolonen and the Helsinki Computational History Group


13.30–13.40 Oceanic Exchanges: Tracing Global Information Networks in Historical Newspaper Repositories, 1840–1914 (OcEx)

Hannu Salmi, Otto Latva, Asko Nivala, Mila Oiva


13.40–13.50 The change of instrument talk in Philosophical Transactions, 1753-1777

Reetta Sippola


13.50–14.00 Discussion


14.00 Coffee break (sponsored by the symposium)


14.10–14.20 The Birth of the Proletarian God of History: Close and Distant Readings of the Finnish Handwritten Newspapers, 1899-1917

Risto Turunen


14.20–14.30 Evolution of British Book Trade through Bibliographic Metadata

Ville Vaara (presenter), Mark Hill, Leo Lahti, Mikko Tolonen and Helsinki Computational History Group


14.30–14.40 The Ancient Finnish Kings: a computational study of pseudohistory, medievalism and history politics in contemporary Finland and Russia

Reima Välimäki


14.40–15.00 Conclusion of the Symposium


Live stream from the seminar 13-15: (part 1.)





The XXVI Veikko Litzen lecture

Macroscopes and Microscopes: Computer assisted close reading of historical texts

Professor Tim Hitchcock, University of Sussex

Part 2.: Live stream from Tim Hitchcocks lecture:



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