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Finnish Transnational and Multilingual Archives Network Zoom Coffee

Welcome to the next Finnish Transnational and Multilingual Archives Network Zoom Coffee on April 17, 2024, from 15:00 to 16:30 (Finnish time, UTC +3/ EEST). The focus of these meetings is to increase awareness of transnational and multilingual archival materials and to enhance and support collaboration between researchers and archives.

In April’s coffee session, Judit Söderblom and Gunnar Wennerström from the Swedish Emigrant Institute will present their institution and its archives. Following their presentation, the floor will be opened for discussion. Register by contacting , grab your favorite beverage, and join us in Zoom!

What is the Finnish Transnational and Multilingual Archives Network?

The Finnish Transnational and Multilingual Archives Network was established during a workshop organized in October 2023 in Helsinki. The workshop was organized by two Kone Foundation-funded research projects and ARNE (Archival Researchers Network) in collaboration with the Finnish Literature Society and National Library of Finland. During the workshop, archivists and researchers from Finnish memory organizations and universities gathered to discuss the challenges surrounding multilingual and transnational archive materials, often containing (im)migrant or minority materials. The workshop aimed to find new tools for identifying multilingual materials in archives and to discuss questions regarding multicultural identities in archiving. One of the main outcomes was the recognition of the need for increased collaboration between archivists and researchers, leading to the establishment of this new network. Read more about the workshop on the Vähäisiä lisiä blog (in Finnish).

Currently, the network meets once every three months on Zoom. While the network is still evolving, we wish to invite all researchers, archivists, and other memory organization staff members interested in transnational and multilingual archives to join us for these coffee sessions and build the network and its activities.

The network’s activities are coordinated by Lotta Leiwo (Doctoral Researcher, University of Helsinki). Contact her at for more information and to subscribe to the network’s mailing list.