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GENESIS – HELSINKI 2017: Creative Processes and Archives in Arts and Humanities

Helsinki, 7th – 9th of June 2017


The Finnish Literature Society (SKS) and ITEM – Institut des textes & manuscrits modernes will organise an international and interdisciplinary conference GENESIS – HELSINKI 2017: Creative Processes and Archives in Arts and Humanitiesin Helsinki, 7th – 9th June 2017.

Keynote speakers and plenary panelists include:

  • Paolo D’Iorio (ITEM, Paris): What is a (Digital) Genetic Edition?
  • Claire Doquet (Université Paris 3): Textual Genetics at School: Reading Pupils’ Writings
  • Irène Fenoglio (ITEM): Text Genesis and the Processes of Conceptualisation: The Gesture of a Linguist Writer as an Epistemological Tool (Genèse du texte et processus de conceptualisation: Le geste du scripteur linguiste comme outil épistémologique)
  • Daniel Ferrer (ITEM): New Perspectives for Genetic Criticism
  • Hans Walter Gabler (London University): On Interdependencies between Genetic Criticism and Genetic Editing
  • Dirk Van Hulle (Centre for Manuscript Genetics, Antwerp): Cognition Enactment: Genetic Criticism and the Pentimenti Model
  • Ineke Huysman (Huygens ING, Amsterdam): Early Modern Epistolary Culture: Socio-Historical Aspects, Materiality, Production and Reception
  • Wim Van Mierlo (Loughborough University): Where Is the Archive in Genetic Criticism?
  • Carrie Smith (Cardiff University): Ted Hughes’s Birthday Letters:An Archive of Writing
  • Juha-Heikki Tihinen (Pro Artibus Foundation): How to Speak about Non-Existent Works?
  • Sakari Ylivuori (Jean Sibelius Works): Avant-Texte without the Text – Reading Sketched Emendations in Unpublished Autographs.

GENESIS – Helsinki 2017 will be the first broad conference on Genetic Criticism in the Nordic countries. Genetic Criticism (critique génétique) is a discipline that explores writing processes and other creative work. Its central research corpora comprise various archival sources from writer’s notes to drafts, and other types of manuscripts.

Genetic research can reveal, for instance, how a writer has outlined, developed and revised a literary work regarding its structures, topics, themes, symbols and style. Thus, genetic research can enrich interpretations of literature. In addition to writing, genetic critics have been interested in other creative processes such as cinema and architecture.

GENESIS – HELSINKI 2017will provide an international and interdisciplinary forum for the theory and practice of Genetic Criticism from various angles.