Konferenssit ja seminaarit

Laments lost or alive and well. International Conference of the Lament Tradition

Lamenting – ritual wailing – is a practice that is known worldwide. The ways of lamenting and the meanings of laments vary from culture to culture and from context to context.

In this conference, we explore the variety of laments, their meanings, and their practices in relation to the world changing all around. The conference aims to reflect on questions and topics inherent to the contemporary field of lament research and to search for some common ground. We invite scholars to discuss the lament, its various representations and interpretations, and related metacultural discourses: the lament saved, kept, revived, revised, appropriated, experienced, sensed, in history, recorded, dug up from archives, reinterpreted, transmitted, and twisted into something new – but not lost.

The conference discussions find their home in the shared ground between folklore, cultural and religious studies, ethnomusicology, ethnology, and anthropology.

Keynotes:  Professor Charles L. Briggs (Anthropology, Berkeley University of California) & PhD Eila Stepanova (Folklorist, Executive Director of Karelian Cultural Society)

Registration: The registration is now open. Please note that the conference will be only in-person (offline). Registration for not-presenting participants is open until 15th of April.
Link to the registration form and more information on the conference web page.

Monday 15 May
15.30–17.30 Open lecture in Finnish
18–19.40 Concert: Lummo Kati leelokoor (Est) & Surento (Fin)
Traditional singing and new interpretations. Songs and laments from Setos, Karelians, Ingrians, and Finns. Tickets 15 € / 10 € (Included in the conference fee.)
Tuesday 16 May & Wednesday 17 May
9–18 Plenary & Parallel sessions

For detailed programme, please visit the conference web page.