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Media and Communication History/NordMedia 2021

What kind of role have media and communication played in the past?  We welcome you to an interesting arena to discuss all aspects of this: historical studies of press, film, radio, television, internet, cell phones etc. or institutional histories, biographies, historical analysis of media texts and genres, reception history etc. How we can develop our understanding of the media’s importance in the past by using historical records and documents, is of special relevance in this division. We also welcome papers that challenge and critique the whole concept of “media and communication history” itself, as well as papers on historical methodology, historiography and the theories used in the field of media history.

The NordMedia 2021 conference call for abstracts is now out and will open for submissions in January 2021, with a deadline for abstracts 19 February. Notification regarding acceptance or rejection of abstract will be sent to the presenting author by email within the end of March 2021.

Division 4: Media and Communication History accepts full papers, long abstracts, panel presentations and workshops. Discussants will be appointed to papers and long abstracts.

For further information, see: Division 4: Media and Communication History – NordMedia Network