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October Symposium – NSU ​Summer Session 2021

The 2021 Summer Session: Online, in October

Due to corona, in 2020 and 2021 the Summer Session has been and will be an online event. In 2021 all the study circles will organise events (online and some local events) during October 2021.

As the summer is normally a great time to meet in between semesters, away from work, and the whole family including children are welcomed at NSU meetings, it seemed best to not organise the 2021 NSU Summer Session during the summer holidays… one more week to sit behind a computer, no. Instead, NSU will organise meetings and events, during the whole month of October. Each circle will organise based on their own desires and possibilities. There will be seminars, beach readings, and of course the General Assembly will also take place online (just like in 2020!). Dates to keep in mind:

  • Opening of the Summer session with regional meetings (over zoom) and panel discussions: 1 October 2021
  • 17 October 2021 – General Assembly Part 1
  • 30 October 2021 – General Assembly Part 2

(Joint events will take place in the afternoon/evening (CET) to accommodate people from all over the Nordic region.)

Find call for papers and participation on each study circle’s page on the NSU website.