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Politisoitunut uskonto Venäjällä? / Politicized Religion in Putin’s Russia?

Englanninkielinen paneelikeskustelu uskonnosta ja traditiosta poliittisena työkaluna Venäjällä! Panelisteina teeman parhaat kotimaiset ja ulkomaiset asiantuntijat. Toisin sanoen:

At least five more years of Putin. What does it mean for religion in Russia? Will the Russian Orthodox Church become even more privileged? Will it mean more repression for other religious communities? Will religion contribute to a more anti-Western and conservative orientation in Russian society? What can be done to prevent the widening of the cultural and political gap between East and West? Four experts will tackle these important issues from different perspectives.

The panelists are:
– Prof. Katharina Kunter, University of Helsinki, the leading expert on religion in Russia
– Hannu Himanen, the former ambassador of Finland in Russia
– Dr. Jussi Lassila, senior research fellow, Finnish Institute of International Affairs
– Dr. Heta Hurskainen, University of Eastern Finland, expert on ecumenics

The panel will be chaired by University Lecturer Maija Penttilä.

Host: docent Tuomas Heikkilä, Faculty of Theology, Church History