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Register for the art and science event ABOAGORA ”Void”!

Join us at the Sibelius Museum in August, as ABOAGORA explores the theme “Void”!

ABOAGORA – Between Arts and Sciences brings together academia, the arts, and society. This year, we will explore both literal and metaphorical voids around us and within us. The event consists of open keynote lectures (AGORAs) and performative sessions that combine scholarly and artistic viewpoints.


ABOAGORA takes place at the Sibelius Museum (Piispankatu 17) in Turku, Finland.

The programme will kick off with an open concert ”Void iteration – If I close my eyes, do I hear?” on 22 August at 20:00.

On 23–25 August, Aboagora “Void” will delve into topics such as the concept of emptiness in Japanese culture, creativity in the era of artificial intelligence, the edges of knowing, and many more!

See the full programme at https://aboagora.fi/programme/

Our keynotes are:

23 Aug. | 19:00–20:30

Karen Barad (Distinguished Professor of Feminist Studies, Philosophy and History of Consciousness, University of California at Santa Cruz)

“On Touching the Stranger Within – The Alterity that Therefore I Am”

24 Aug. | 10:15–11:45

Hans Ruin (Professor of Philosophy, Södertörn University)

“The Way of the Unexpected – The Poetics of Being and Non-being in Early Greek Philosophy”

25 Aug. | 13:15–14:15

Dolly Jørgensen (Professor of History, University of Stavanger)

“Extinction Voids: Visualizing the Relational Holes Created by Species Loss”



To attend ABOAGORA “Void”, register by August 15 at https://konsta.utu.fi/Default.aspx?tabid=88&tap=15583

·         The registration fee is 50 € / for students, doctoral researchers and professional artists 20 €.

·         By paying the registration fee, you will have access to all of the sessions and performances.

·         The AGORA (keynote) sessions, as well as the concerts on Aug. 22 and Aug. 24 are free of charge and open for all, and do not require advance registration.


“The Five Rings,” the title of ABOAGORA’s thematic plan for 2019–2023, refers to The Book of Five Rings,written by Miyamoto Musashi in 1645. Musashi was a Japanese philosopher and rōnin – a samurai without a master. The Book of Five Rings (Go Rin no Sho) is divided into five parts, each examining a different element of battle. During the five-year plan, ABOAGORA delves into these elements: Earth (2019), Water (2020), Fire (2021), Wind (2022), Void (2023).

ABOAGORA is organized by the University of Turku, Åbo Akademi University, the Donner Institute (Åbo Akademi University Foundation) and the Arts Academy of Turku University of Applied Sciences. In 2023, the project is supported by the Kone Foundation, The Swedish Cultural Foundation in Finland (Svenska kulturfonden), the Jenny and Antti Wihuri Foundation, the Federation of Finnish Learned Societies (TSV), Konstsamfundet and William Thurings stiftelse.


If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us at .

Wishing you a wonderful summer and hoping to see you in August!

The ABOAGORA Curatorial Committee