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Religious Communities in Rome in the Great Western Schism

Religious Communities in Rome in the Great Western Schism, 16-17 November 2020

Venue: École française de Rome

The project SCISMA together with École française de Rome and the Finnish Institute in Rome organizes a workshop discussing the ways in which the religious communities in Rome reacted to the peculiar circumstances created by the Schism. In many cases, the Roman religious communities were forced to rethink their loyalties in a precarious situation between the two, and finally three, papal obediences. They were faced with fluctuating economic conditions, frequent military threats to the city, and, potentially, the questioning of their authority in religious matters. However, the Schism also created opportunities and intimated that a brighter future might lay ahead for those enduring the present tribulations. It is the intention of this conference to bring together academics working on different religious communities in Rome, to increase dialogue and exchange, in order to help better understand the effects of the Schism in the city.

We understand religious community broadly as any community defined by its relation to faith (such as different Christian or Jewish orientations), or to religious institutions (such as confraternities, religious orders, and houses).

Keynotes to be delivered by:

Joëlle Rollo-Koster, The University of Rhode Island:

“‘The henchmen of the pope want all the fat for themselves.’ Rome and Avignon during the Schism”.

Bénédicte Sère, Université Paris Nanterre:

“Dominicans in the Great Schism : an observatory”

Submit abstracts (300-400 words) for 20-min. papers to marika.rasanen[at]utu.fi by August 26, 2020. In case of another wave of COVID-19, the workshop will be organized in the form of a webinary.

Further information:

Kirsi Salonen, Professor, PI of the project, kilesa[at]utu.fi

Pierre Savy, Directeur des études pour le Moyen Âge, dirma[at]efrome.it