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Rhyme and Rhyming in Verbal Art and Song

Programme for Rhyme and Rhyming

Wednesday, May 22nd
8.45–9.15 Registration and coffee/tea

9.15–9.30 Opening words

9.30–10.45 Keynote lecture

Nigel Fabb (Professor of Literary Linguistics, University of Strathclyde, Glasgow): Why is rhyme different from alliteration? A psychological and aesthetic account

10.45–11.00 COFFEE/TEA

11.00–12.30 Session 1

Myfany Turpin (University of Sydney): End rhyme in Aboriginal sung poetry
Jarkko Niemi (University of Tampere): Bordering the Rhyming World: Poetic devices in the Siberian Eastern Khanty oral sung tradition
Yelena Sesselja Helgadóttir (University of Island): The (N)Ever Changing Rhyme, or Rhyme Modifications in Loan Formulae
12.30–13.45  LUNCH

13.45–15.15  Session 2

Frog (University of Helsinki): Hop on the Bus, Gus: Rhyme in Isolated Entanglement
Stefan Blohm (MPI for Empirical Aesthetics): Effects of End Rhyme on Reading Fluency and Memory
Catherine Addison (University of Zululand): Audability of Rhyme: Pattern, Distance, and Degree
15.15–15.45  COFFEE

15.45–17.15  Session 3

Warwick Edwards (University of Glasgow): Rhyme and cadence: Perspectives from medieval musical traditions
Marjo Suominen (University of Helsinki): Studying Rhyming in Italian, English and German in Handel’s Opera Giulio Cesare
Eeva-Liisa Bastman (Finnish Literature Society /University of Helsinki): “Let us sing, Let us sing, Let us sing to the Lord”: Rhyme, sound and rhythm as performative elements in the 18th century hymn poetry
18.00–20.00  RECEPTION by Folklore Studies at Topelia (Unioninkatu 38C, second floor)

Thursday, May 23th
9.30-10.30    Keynote lecture

Seppo Heikkinen (Title of Docent in Latin Language and Roman Literature, University of Helsinki): Multiple origins? Some observations on the medieval Latin rhyme
10.30–11.00 COFFEE

11.00–12.30  Session 4

Jan Ciglbauer (Charles University, Prague): What matters? The Creativity of 14th Century Students in Central Europe
Mihhail Lotman (University of Tartu; Tallinn University): Rhymes and non-rhymes (on the example of Russian folklore and literary poetry)
Kati Kallio (Finnish Literature Society/University of Helsinki): How rhymed is it? Kalevala-meter, Lutheran hymns and Kulnasatz of Olaus Sirma
12.30–13.45 LUNCH

13.45–15.15  Session 5

Reidar Bakke (The Norwegian University of Science and Technology NTNU): Finnish rhymes in Norwegian traditions
Jacqueline Ekgren (Ekgren Musikkinstitutt, Oslo): Between singing and saying: oral tradition of Norwegian stev shares stress- and rhyme-patterns with Old Norse and Old English
Hanna Karhu (University of Helsinki/Finnish Literature Society): End rhymes in Finnish rhyming couplets and literary folk song
15.15–15.45  COFFEE

15.45–17.15  Session 6

Maria-Kristiina Lotman (University of Tartu): Rhyme in Estonian poetic culture
Sakari Katajamäki (Finnish Literature Society): Analyzing irregular rhyme sequences: Lauri Viita’s Kukunor (1949)
Pauli Tapio (University of Helsinki): The function and functioning of rhyme in two poems by Tuomas Anhava
18.00–20.00 RECEPTION at the Finnish Literature Society

Friday, May 24th
9.30–11.00    Keynote lecture

Dwight Reynolds (Professor of Arabic Language & Literature, University of California): Rhyme in Arabic Oral Poetry (including a performance of the Sīrat Banī Hilāl, the epic of the Banī Hilāl Bedouin tribe)
11.00–11.15  COFFEE

11.15–12.15  Session 7

Ed Emery (SOAS, University of London): Rhyming: The hidden history of 2 and 3 in Arabic and early European poetry
Tiziana Palandrini (Independent Scholar): Feminine songs in the oral tradition of Sardinia
12.15–13.30  LUNCH

13.30–15.00  Session 8

Kjell Andreas Oddekalv (RITMO, University of Oslo): Surrender to the flow – Rhyme as the defining structural element in rap
Robert Komaniecki (Appalachian State University): Skillful Syllables: Decoding Rhyme in Hip-Hop
Susie McComb (Independent Scholar): “Misdirected by Swagger and Beaten by Rhyme”: Lyricism, Musicality and the Poetics of Insecurity
15.00–15.30  COFFEE

15.30–16.30  Session 9

Susanne Rosenberg (Royal College of Music in Stockholm): Cognitive strategies in rhyming in new ballads – an  improvisatory approach
Venla Sykäri (Finnish Literature Society/University of Helsinki): Strategies of rhyming in contemporary extemporized oral composition
16.30–17.15  Closing discussion

(18.00 Dinner for voluntary participants at own cost)