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500 Years of Protestant Church Architecture


International Symposium, Helsinki, October 31 – November 1, 2017


Auditorium of National Museum of Finland, Mannerheimintie 34, Helsinki, Finland


Participation is free but registration is obligatory

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Evangelical Lutheran Church of Finland (National Church Council)
Finnish National Board of Antiquities
University of Helsinki / Faculty of Theology

International Guest Speakers

International guest speakers from Poland, Denmark, and Norway

Contact Person

Project Coordinator, Th.D. Arto Kuorikoski, arto.kuorikoski(at)gmail.com

Changes and Corrections

27.4.2017 Symposium days of the week have been corrected below and in the pdf documents.

7.10.2017 Two speaker changes.

PROGRAMME (pdf_en) (pdf_fi)   Tuesday, 31st October – Historical Development 0900 Symposium Opening   Director, Ph.D. Pekka Rehumäki, National Church Council 0915 Protestant Church Architecture as a European Phenomenon in the Early Modern Period   Prof. Jan Harasimowics, University of Wrocław, Poland 1015 Reformation Leaders’ View on Church Building   Prof. Kaarlo Arffman, University of Helsinki 1045 Liturgy at the Turning Points between Late Catholicism and Early Lutheran Orthodoxy in Finland   Prof. Jyrki Knuutila, University of Helsinki 1130 Shaping the Finnish Church Interior during the 16th and 17th Centuries   Ph.D. Hanna Pirinen, University of Jyväskylä 1200 Lunch Break 1300 To the Glory of God and the King: Consecrating Early Lutheran Churches in Denmark during the 16th to 18th Centuries   Editor, Dr. Birgitte Bøggild Johannsen, National Museum of Denmark 1345 Nordic Church Building between Reformation and Neoclassicism   Prof. Markus Hiekkanen, University of Helsinki 1415 Finnish Church Architecture during the Gustavian Era   Prof. Heikki Hanka, University of Jyväskylä 1445 Coffee Break 1530 Role of the Board of Public Works and Buildings during the 19th-Century Finnish Church Building   Prof. Ville Lukkarinen, University of Helsinki 1600 Nationalization of the Finnish Orthodox Church Architecture, 1918–1939   Ph.D. Hanna Kemppi, University of Helsinki 1630 Turning Points in Modern Finnish Church Architecture   Prof. Emer., Arch. Juhani Pallasmaa 1700 Liturgy and Modern Church Architecture in the Nordic Countries   Prof. Jyrki Knuutila, University of Helsinki and Th.D. Arto Kuorikoski, Open University Helsinki 1730 The Sacred, the Everyday, and Church Space   Director, Ph.D. Pekka Rehumäki, National Church Council 1900 Evening Programme at National Church Council           Wednesday, 1st November – Thematic Viewpoints   Restoration 0900 Extending the Use of Religious Heritage – Distinct European Approaches   Special Director Oddbjørn Sørmoen, KA, Department for Church and Society, Norway 0945 Excursion: Restorations of Temppeliaukio and Töölö Churches   Prof. Emer., Architect Simo Paavilainen and Architect Käpy Paavilainen 1130 Lunch Break 1230 Church Space and Concepts of Restoration in 20th-Century Finland   Senior Architect Sirkkaliisa Jetsonen, Finnish National Board of Antiquities 1300 Current Challenges Concerning Restoration of Churches in Finland   Senior Architect Antti Pihkala, National Church Council   Art, Aesthetics, and Pedagogy of Religion 1330 Art in Protestant Church Buildings. Eastern and Western Influences in Finland   Prof. Heikki Hanka, University of Jyväskylä and Adjunct Prof., Th.D. Johan Bastubacka, University of Helsinki 1415 New Life of Catholic Wood Sculptures in Finland: Placements in the Lutheran Churches and in the Museums   Ph.D., Senior Lecturer Elina Räsänen, University of Helsinki and MA Katri Vuola, University of Helsinki 1500 Light Art in Finnish Churches   Light Artist Jaakko Niemelä 1530 Coffee Break 1600 Music Shaping Protestant Church Space   Senior Lecturer, DMus Peter Peitsalo, University of the Arts Helsinki 1630 Altar Area Design in Modern Finnish Church Buildings   Project Manager, Th.D. Sari Dhima, Aalto University 1700 Church Pedagogy   Prof. Antti Räsänen, University of Helsinki and Consultant Juha Luodeslampi, National Church Council 1730 Modern Church Architecture in View of Theological Aesthetics   Th.D. Arto Kuorikoski, Open University Helsinki 1800 Symposium Conclusion   Director, Ph.D. Pekka Rehumäki, Evangelical Lutheran Church of Finland