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Glossan esitelmäilta: Female Agency in Late Medieval and Early Modern Europe

Tervetuloa Glossan esitelmäiltaan 24. lokakuuta! Luvassa kaksi esitelmää naisten toimijuudesta myöhäiskeskiajalla ja varhaisella uudella ajalla:

There is nothing particularly new in the idea that women have been actively involved in historical events, even though they often have been neglected by male-oriented scholarship. The gender-sensitive research of the past decades has showed female agency in many different formats and geographical areas. During this evening, Sini Mikkola and Charlotte Cederbom will present results from their respective doctoral dissertations on women’s agency.

Charlotte Cederbom: Married Women in Legal Practice in the Swedish Realm, 1350-1450.
It is well known that women’s agency in practice differed substantially from what might have been stipulated in the law, and married women during the time of the Magnus Eriksson Law of the Realm were no exception. For my doctoral dissertation, I read more than 6 000 original charters, in order to map out the actions of women in legal matters, and in this presentation, I will go through my findings. Which women had the possibilities to act, and why? And how did the legal guardian system affect the legal agency of married women?”

Sini Mikkola: Worthy Women: The possibilities of female agency in Reformation Germany.
In sixteenth-century Germany, women acted both privately and publicly for and against the Reformation. In this presentation, I will concentrate on pondering the possibilities of female agency among the first generation of the Reformation. Were there preconditions of action that can be generalized? What did the possibilities look like from the point of view of the women themselves, and that of their (male) contemporaries?